Monday, 23 April 2012

HEALTH & BEAUTY | Royal facials are the bee's knees.

Could the next step to being a princess be found in the abdomen of bee? Maybe not, but apparently, as revealed in the Daily Mail, bee venom facials and face masks are key to Ms Middleton’s radiance and wedding day glow. That dress and that man might have a little something to do with it too.

Dubbed ‘Nature’s Botox’, the face mask contains apitoxin, or bees venom, which is mixed with shea butter, manuka honey, essential oils and other secret ingredients to form this 

Queen Bee of these products is beautician, Deborah Mitchell whose skin care range, Heaven, and particularly these treatments are favoured by celebs such as Dannii Minogue and Victoria Beckham as well as the Royals.

For a 50ml pot it will set you back around £50 depending on the brand you go with but that’s a small price to pay for beauty fit for a queen. Get mine in the post.