Sunday, 10 May 2015

EXPLORE: Alice's Adventures Underground

2015 is the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland being published and, as my favourite ever book, i'm beyond excited at the weird and wonderful events which are rolling out across the country.

Spotted in a magazine, it was the interactive performance Alice's Adventures Underground by Les Enfants Terribles which grabbed my attention firmly with both hands. 

Located in The Vaults beneath Waterloo station, this was a tour set post-looking glass era where guests venture upon a extraordinary journey into Wonderland on the hunt for Alice, bumping into a few familiar faces along the way. Even my overactive imagination wasn't prepared for the sensational adventure found down this particular rabbit hole. 

To reveal the secrets of this spectacle seems like an injustice to the carefully curated magic conjured by performance masterminds Les Enfants Terribles - it truly has to be seen to be believed. Make the all-important choice between 'eat me' and 'drink me'; venture into the smoke-filled den of the Caterpillar; talk riddles with the Cheshire Cat and take tea with the maddest of hatters (a true highlight for any Alice!). Oh, and whatever you do, commit no nonsense!  

After escaping the Queen of Heart's courtroom, we spent the evening in a bar decked with cards sipping on Gin cocktails (from jam jars of course) and listening to one of the Wonderland Lates bands - Tankus the Henge. Having splurged on a premium ticket (Birthday treat!) we meandered through a maze to the exclusive King's Bar to rub shoulders with Alice herself. An evening that was curioser and curioser at every turn.

It's funny, real life all of a sudden feels a little dull...

Alice's Adventures Underground are on until August. Find out more information and book tickets here.