Saturday, 3 January 2015

EXPLORE | Love is Enough - Andy Warhol x William Morris

Sly photo of the Andy Warhol tapestry of Marilyn Monroe.

Andy Warhol and William Morris are both iconic names in the art world yet for very different reasons. Warhol was a sixties icon creating a legacy that defined the time whilst Morris' name is equally as renowned worldwide. Despite their different styles, the parallels between the two artists, as highlighted by this exhibition, were enchanting to an art illiterate like myself. 

Love is Enough contrasts the two artists' trademark pieces side by side in an informative visual feast comparing themes of printing, mass production, society and collaboration.

Walk into the room at Modern Art Oxford and you see a striking tapestry of Marilyn Monroe created by Warhol mounted on a backdrop of classic Morris print. Delve a little deeper as you scan the photographs, books and printing materials and the connection between the two figures becomes clear.

It was a treat to see Warhol's iconic pop art, which was the initial draw to my visit, but also a delight to broaden my perspective of both artists and their techniques through this wonderfully curated display.