Thursday, 12 September 2013

WORK | The London Mela with Oxfam

On Sunday 1st September I attended the London Mela with Oxfam to take part in the celebration inspired by South Asian culture.
As well as raising awareness of current campaigns, Oxfam’s main event was a trio of Fashion Shows throughout the afternoon which showcased creations and outfit selections from designer and creative Neishaa Gharat.
 Neishaa sourced unique and original items from Oxfam’s Batley Wastesaver and Milton Point hub as well as a number of shops to style eight different looks for the show. This included a sequence of her own designs and a selection of upcycled pieces.

In the run up to the event, as part of team fash, I visited Oxfam’s Milton Point logisitics centre to help prepare for the show along with Oxfam Fashion blogger Laila Bowman. Meeting with the lovely Neishaa, we steamed the clothes, helped put them into sequence in line with her creative vision and styling with accessories and layers.
Venturing down to the big smoke on the Saturday, it was a busy day meeting the gorgeous TMP models, fitting outfits, altering the sequence and practicing the walks. Neeru Bhandari of Laviva events coordinated the event taking charge of the models and choreography to put on a spectacular event. It was exciting to see everyone’s hard work over the last few months formulating into the real thing.
Waking early on the day we made our way to Gunnersby Park where the site’s structures were gradually emerging. 

With a morning or briefings and rehearsals it was soon time for models to move into hair and make-up which were provided by Lubna Rafiq

Then, it was SHOWTIME!

It was fantastic to be part of an event which channelled such an incredible energy, working with passionate people and producing a professional and exhilarating runway show.

Massive shout out to everyone involved! Neishaa for her creativity; Kalyani (Oxfam’s UK South Asia Engagement Manager) for being a superwoman; The ACE behind the scenes crew including my fellow team fash-ers Kelly, Emma and Teresa!