Wednesday, 17 April 2013

FASHION | Feeling Green

Today I am celebrating green. With the last few months doused in the crisp whites and iced blues of winter, trees naked and shivering, the world in a quiet hibernation, today I pinpointed Spring.

Even the first snowdrops struggled to push through Jack Frost’s bitter blanket and the cold felt eternal, as if the White Witch of Narnia had snuck through the wardrobe. But, through the hazy memory of yonder seasons, I was struck today on my journey home by a burst of green coating the feet of the trees.

 My commute takes me on a picturesque route which had lain desolate until today. This was lushious Springtime grass, the kind you want to run bare foot through, feeling each blade between your toes or lie in, inhaling the sweet, nostalgic scent.

Grass seems to pivitol to my acceptance of Sprintime, whether the first glimpse or lingering odour so, in honour of nature’s turf alarm clock, here is a mere sniff of greenery on the catwalk...