Sunday, 17 February 2013

EXPLORE | Bath Fashion Museum: Fifty Fabulous Frocks Exhibition

FROCK:- historically referred to an article of clothing; in the 17th Century specifically a workman's outergarment. In the 18th Century a man's loose fitting coat; a religious robe; more typically a woman's dress.

To celebrate its fiftieth anniversary, the Bath Fashion Museum has delved deep into its archives to present a glorious gown per each year of its existence. The collection covered the eccentric, contemporary and historical capturing decades and designers in an enjoyable collection of iconic apparel. The Fifty Fabulous Frocks exhibition opened its doors on February 2nd to celebrate half a century of Bath’s hidden fashion gem.

Last week, after a birthday brunch at deliciously decorated The Cosy Club, I made my way through the city's streets up to the museum, camera in tow.

The Edwardian Champagne Dress, Designer Unknown.

Greeted at the entrance by an Edwardian Champagne Dress it was a promising welcome whilst spending the rest of the visit amongst Ossie Clark, Vivienne Westwood and other designer greats was more than pleasurable company.

Below are a selection from this exquisite collection. The exhibition is open until the end of the year and is a must see for any fancy frock fanatics. 

L: 1970s Troubador Kaftan Dress R: Burberry Prorsum Trenchcoat

L-R: 1960s Andre Courreges//1933 Mme Handley-Seymour//1971 Ossie Clark//1991 Comme des Garcons//1988 Vivienne Westwood//2009 Erdem

Fifty Fabulous Frocks

L-R: 1920s Callot Soeurs//1930s Unknown//1860s Unknown//1990s Jean Paul Gaultier.

L-R: 1990s Vivienne Westwood//1950s Victor Stiebel//1900s Madame A Katy.