Friday, 16 November 2012

FASHION | Oxford Fashion Week: Elysium Concept Show [Pt 3]

As The Elysium Concept Show drew to a close, the final two collections left us on a major high.  Staggeringly contrasted, but equally as powerful, Chloe Reynolds and Sarah Palin’s compilations were forcefully feminine.
Aptly named ‘The Black Collection’ the womenswear designer presented a dominant series and the ninja-like characters slinked down the catwalk with authority and presence. With a clear nod to Japanese design, the pieces emulated an air of protection, defiance and strength yet maintaining a womanly softness.
Although a purely black collection there was no trace of monotony as intricate, laser cut patterns instilled variation and a uniqueness to each piece.


The fierce fetish trend of yester-season is a beast that appears tamed but should still be approached with respectful caution.

Sarah Palin


The show’s finale came in the form of graduate Sarah Palin’s ‘Decadent Art, Rotten Beauty’ collection. 

Having already received attention from Vogue Online, WGSN and, the exquisitely feminine collection was built out of a type of reinforced paper called Tyvek which exudes a romantic, nostalgia.
Concealed layers of autumnal prints were revealed through the disjointed hemlines and tearaway windows adding a rugged, tainted purity to each elegant piece.
The collection was based around finding beauty in what’s perceived as rotten and decayed as if the classic structures were created from discarded newspaper blown together in a creative gust of autumn wind.