Saturday, 25 August 2012

FASHION | Agyness Deyn x DMs

If ever there were a 21st Century face to personify the Dr Martens brand it’s Agyness Deyn.

Her new footwear and clothing range for the iconic Brit brand was launched this week with an array of classic styles which could easily have been plucked from the wardrobe of punky Ms Deyn herself.

Clothing consists of Agy-esque check shirts, skirts and jumpsuits whilst heart shaped satchel bags, floral prints and hint of lace infuse femininity in to predominantly manly forms. Enchantingly androgyness yet powerfully feminine, her essence engulfs this collection.

Priced between £30 - £275 the collection is attainable to the Dr Martens youth culture consumer.

                       Dr Martens Aggy 1490 BootDr Martens Aggy 1490 Boot

 "Once the genie had been let out of the bottle back in the 1960s, the vapours of Dr. Martens' rebellious spirit could not be contained and the boot seeped into every corner and crevice of youth culture."

Dr Martens JumpsuitDr Martens Bomber Jacket
Dr Martens Floral Dress Dr Martens Daisy Tshirt Dress
Dr Martens Waffle LeggingsDr Martens Utility Shirt 
Dr Martens Heart Satchel