Sunday, 12 February 2012

LIFE | Race For Life 2012

After being a commited smoker for nearly 8years, I am on my most successful bid to give up. No matter how many adverts and pictures of rotting lungs are forced under your nose, nothing really sinks in when you've got your smokey safety crutch wedged snugly in between your fingers.

But i'm done with that and in a hope to make up for the many hours of my life spent and wasted with Mr Cigarette, I'm flip reversing and raising money for Cancer Research UK by doing the Race for Life 2012. On the 10th of June I will be running around in public which to me is worth a few quid just for comedy value.

I'm sure everyone reading this has unfortunately been affected by 'The Big C' in some way at some point so I really want to get off my arse and help. So if you're feeling generous, click on my magic button on the right hand side which will whisk you over to my donation page.

Much appreciated.